Sunday, April 16, 2023

Life Changes and Weekly Update

 Good evening, my friends!

It has been another busy week, with lots of stuff...both good and bad.

In the wee hours of Easter morning last weekend my cousin's house burned down in southern Missouri. He lost everything in the fire and a friend was killed. It was a horrible tragedy. So on Monday morning we headed down to take some blankets and clothes and see how we could be of help.

That evening we took my stepdaughter to meet her mother to return home after the holiday visit. Long story short, a long conversation transpired and we ended up bringing Kayla home with us. She will be living with us for the foreseeable future, and visiting her mother in a few weeks. A temporary custody paper was created, and after a few months have passed we will be revisiting the subject. If things remain as they are now we will be changing permanent custody. Please keep this situation in your thoughts and prayers, as we only want what is best for Kayla. 

Kayla Enjoys Time With Us at Texas Roadhouse

On Tuesday we worked on school and general cleaning. That kept us busy all day.

On Wednesday I had a doctor's appointment and in the afternoon we had to meet a friend of mine to pick something up. She works at the Jesse James Bank Museum in Liberty, MO. Since Aaron and the girls had never been there we toured the small museum. It is always pretty neat. It was where the first peace time daylight bank robbery took place in the United States. It is uncertain if Jesse James was present, but it was members of the James gang, likely including Frank James.

On Friday we had plans, so Kayla decided she needed to dress up in a fancy dress. We have an ornamental Japanese cherry tree in our front yard that is blooming. Kayla had to get her picture taken there before we left.

Kayla with "Her" Ornamental Cherry Tree

Ornamental Cherry Blossom

After our impromptu photography session we headed to Concordia, MO to meet up with a friend of mine for lunch. I have known John for a total of approximately 21 or 22 years. He is now retired from State Parks and I no longer work for them as of November 2021, so I don't get to see John often. He was at my wedding a couple years ago and briefly met my family then, but this was the first time we have all gotten to sit down and visit, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him. He has always been one of my most trusted allies, both career wise and as a personal friend.

After we got home we enjoyed a relaxing evening at home. We spent some time out in our gazebo, and then we all played a game of Skipbo. After the girls went to bed Aaron and I had a few minutes of alone time where we could just talk and enjoy each other's company.

Family Game Night

On Saturday morning it rained, which derailed our plans of early morning gardening, so instead I made eggs benedict for breakfast. All of my family has come to the conclusion that this is their favorite breakfast, and one of their favorite foods in general.

Eggs Benedict

In the afternoon we had a couple hours of strong thunderstorms, and I spent the afternoon and evening mending clothing and toys that have been piling up in my mending basket. It gave me a great opportunity to use my sewing machine. By the time I was done I had mended holes and tears in approximately 25-30 items. My girls are terribly hard on clothes. LOL.

Completed Mending

In the process of mending we discovered that Buddy (our tadpole) enjoys watching TV. He can be anywhere in his tank, and as soon as the television is turned on he swims to that side, rests on the bottom and stays there watching the entire time it is on. As soon as you turn it off he swims away. He is too funny!

After the mending was done I prepared this week's menu plan and grocery list. I am excited about a couple things on the menu plan, including the first grilling day of the spring, and the fact that Alysia and I should finish the World Cookbook this week once we finish Japan and Australia! 

This morning we attended church, and then while Aaron slept since he had to work tonight, we went grocery shopping. This evening I deep-cleaned the hall and downstairs bathroom since those never take long. We had dinner, and now the girls and I are watching "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves". Once it is over it will be time for them to head to bed, but they are waiting on me to serve up the coconut pudding that we made.

So, I will go for now. I hope you all have had a good weekend, and are prepared for a great week!

Love to all!


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