Saturday, May 6, 2023

Buried in Laundry

Hello, Friends!

I hope this finds you all well! I have been patiently working to climb out from under multiple piles of laundry today to find time to sit down and visit with you. 

I don't know how my family creates so much dirty laundry. I did five loads earlier in the week, and today I woke up to another six to do. I am on load five of six now (three of which are bedding). 

This has been another week full of projects and schoolwork. 

We started last Sunday with church. Kayla was wearing one of her "princess dresses", so she wanted a hair-do to match. I put her hair up and used my shiny flower pins to create a tiara type look. 

Kayla's Sunday Hair-Do

My girls love all things girly. There are no such things as too much glitter, shine, pink, poof... They keep life full of energy and happiness!

Early in the week I started working on a cross-stitch unicorn that I originally started for Alysia almost 2 years ago. I started on it during the time that my dad was sick and passing. After that I had a hard time working on it because it brought back emotional memories.

Unicorn Cross-Stitch In Progress

After working hard on it for a few days I finished it. I still need to frame it, but it is finally done.

Finished Unicorn Cross-Stitch

Kayla and Alysia have been working hard on school. While both girls started new books this week, Kayla also started a new grade. She is working hard to try to catch up where she should be, as is Alysia.

Kayla - Super Proud of Her Work!

One of the projects we worked on this week was a Mother's Day art project, and involved quilling. Quilling is an old art form that involves using curled paper to create pictures. We did some quilling when I was a child, and I was super excited to be able to teach my girls about it.

Quilling Pieces

Girls Enjoy Quilling

On Thursday night we took a break from working and we had dinner out. It had been a long tiring week, and we were just done. We made a snap decision to enjoy the rest of the evening and not worry about anything else.

Last night we had to drop Kayla off to go visit her mom for the weekend. The house seems so quiet tonight. Alysia and I cleaned earlier, and in between loads of laundry, we are spending some time together. We had dinner, we've played a game of Skipbo and we're hanging out and watching movies.

Tomorrow morning we have church, and then in the evening I'll drop Aaron off for work and go pick Kayla back up.

Here in a few minutes I am going to get started on school planning for the new few weeks. We have lots of exciting stuff coming up!

It got super hot today, and it made me realize exactly how much I hate summer all over again. I am not looking forward to this, folks. 

Well...that's it for now. See you soon!


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  1. Sounds like you're staying super busy for sure! Kayla's new hair-do is so pretty and I love all your sparkly little do-dads! Glad you finally got the cross-stitch done. It turned out really nice! Congratulations to Kayla on moving up another grade and, with continued diligence, they'll both be up where they should be in no time. Both girls (and Mom) are doing a fantastic job! Quilling is so beautiful! That's something that I should check into trying again sometime. And, yes, I'm not excited about hot weather at all! Oh, well, we can start looking forward to fall now. LOL! It was great getting together with you this evening! Will talk with you again soon. I love you! <3


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