Monday, July 3, 2023

Homemade Sports Drink Recipe

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When you're hot and thirsty one of the go-to's is Powerade or Gatorade. Over the last 3 years I have spent a fortune on these types of drinks for my husband, as he works in a very hot environment and sweats a lot. 

We had found a way to get them a little bit more inexpensively by buying them at a dent and ding food store that we found up by Jamesport, Missouri. However they were still pretty expensive for the quantity we have bought him over the years. 

Recently I found a way to make a Gatorade or Powerade type sports drink at home. My husband absolutely loves it and we have completely replaced his sports drink intake with this homemade version. 

Of course, part of the reason to drink sports drinks is to replace the electrolytes and sodium that you sweat out while hot, but my husband is diabetic and that added another level of trying to find sugar-free sports drinks. This has solved all of our issues, and for less than one small bottle, you can make more than two quarts. 

In this recipe the potassium chloride replaces the potassium in the sports drink, and the salt replaces the sodium. 

Homemade Sports Drink

Today's Flavor - Cherry Limeade


Homemade Sports Drink Recipe

2 quarts of water (or 1½ quarts of water and ½ quart of ice if you want to mix ice in so it is cold immediately)

1 package of Koolaid mix (any flavor)

⅛ tsp potassium chloride (also known as potassium salt) (I use Great Value No Salt Sodium-Free Salt Alternative)

¼ tsp salt

½ cup sugar (or Splenda)

Put water in a pitcher. Add other ingredients and mix. Add ice at the end.


So there you have it. Super simple and super cheap! Try it out and see what you think. As for us…it’s revolutionized our summer drinking during the heat!

Talk to you all soon!


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